Frozen Croquettes in the Air Fryer! Explaining Cooking Time and Temperature.

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In my latest cooking adventure, I decided to put my COSORI non-fryer to the test by frying up some frozen croquettes.

I’ve recently added the COSORI appliance to my kitchen arsenal, but the cooking time was a bit of a mystery. Armed with determination, I scoured the internet for guidance, piecing together information as I embarked on this culinary experiment.

My quest for accurate COSORI cooking times led me down a rabbit hole, but alas, I couldn’t find any dedicated websites sharing COSORI-specific insights. Undeterred, I turned to other non-fryer recipes, drawing inspiration and knowledge from various sources to create a frying strategy that I could document on this blog.

In today’s post, I’m diving deep into COSORI cooking times, and my hunch is that these timings would likely hold true for other similar models as well.

Join me as I unveil the precise frying time and the delicious results I achieved while cooking frozen croquettes using my trusty COSORI unit.

For those of you who are contemplating the purchase of a COSORI or who have already taken the plunge but find yourselves perplexed by frying times, fear not. I hope my experience serves as a helpful reference point, guiding you on your journey to culinary success with your COSORI appliance.


Preheat the COSORI beforehand.

First, let’s preheat the COSORI.

Around 3 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius (approximately 392 degrees Fahrenheit).

Preheating is crucial as it ensures that the food cooks evenly and thoroughly.


Spray oil before frying with COSORI.

Before arranging the croquettes, spray some oil on both sides of each croquette.

This step will give them a crispy texture. The oil spray I use at home is a squirrel-shaped oil spray.

It’s a pressurized type, and I need to pump it before using. It might be a bit tricky to get used to initially, but it’s convenient since the lid closes tightly and prevents leaks. It’s even suitable for outdoor activities like camping. If you don’t have an oil spray, you can also use a brush or a spoon.


Time to start frying!

Once the preheating is done, place the croquettes in the basket.

I’m putting in 4 croquettes this time, but if they’re the regular size, you can probably fit around 6.

Turn on the COSORI by setting the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius (approximately 356 degrees Fahrenheit) and the timer to 15 minutes.

Start the cooking process with the shake button engaged. When the shake notification pops up, flip the croquettes.

The color might seem lighter than when deep-fried, but don’t worry, they’re cooking just fine.

When the cooking cycle is done, open the basket.

If you find that the crust’s color is still a bit pale, consider frying for an additional 5 minutes at around 200 degrees Celsius (approximately 392 degrees Fahrenheit).

Although they might not get as deep a color as traditional frying, they’ll still get a bit of browning.

It’s natural to be unsure if they’re cooked through, but the crust will be delightfully crispy, and the inside will be tender.

Since they’re piping hot right off the fryer, be cautious of burns and enjoy!


In this post, I’ve covered how to fry frozen croquettes using the COSORI. It’s true that cooking times can vary depending on the specific non-fryer you’re using. However, the great thing about air fryers is that they don’t require as much oil, making them a healthier and safer option for cooking while still delivering convenience.

With the use of non-fryers, let’s enjoy creating delicious and easy dishes effortlessly!